Pumping systems are necessary in projects where the unevenness of the tank with respect to the source that feeds it prevents its filling or emptying by gravity, or in cases where it is required to have a significant flow and therefore It is necessary to give an impulse to the liquid through pumps.

These systems are complemented with hoses and / or pipes, as well as valves depending on the project.

It is important to mention that flexible tanks do not work under pressure and are designed to reach a maximum volume that must be respected to maintain their useful life, so the control of these devices is very important.

The floors are accessories made of flexible geomembrane panels that work as a protective blanket and that is recommended to be used as a base for the deployment of flexible tanks. They are designed to protect the tank in non-conditioned spaces and avoid that the material deteriorates by dragging on slightly rough surfaces.

They are essential elements when tanks are used on vehicle hoppers, and in general they lengthen their useful life, facilitating additional storage. They come in standard measures, but they can be prepared according to the client’s requirements.

They are waterproof covers with a reinforcement on their edges developed to prevent the liquid to be stored in open tanks can be contaminated, they are an important complement when working with drinking water and can be designed as separate elements to the tank or even in cases specials as part of it.

It differs from the protection system in that they are normally developed from flexilona or geomembrae and cover by design the mouth of the open tanks with a special fastening system.

Secondary containment systems are optional elements for small volumes, but necessary when dealing with large quantities of liquid and must be placed as part of the legal requirements in storage facilities (especially fuels).

It is about covering enough space to contain all the liquid stored in the flexible tanks in case of an emergency, geomembranes are used for that purpose, which can be of various types (PVC, PVC-HR, HDPE, etc.) and depending of the material they can be installed on site or sent as prefabricated blankets to be extended on the site. Its use as containment implies that the land to be covered has slopes (or walls) that allow for containment.

Rapid Cover is a waterproof blanket used to quickly cover large areas, either temporarily or permanently. Using a protection system on the tanks, helps to prolong its useful life since it protects them from UV rays as well as from weathering.

This laminate is manufactured based on an intermediate frame of high-density polyethylene fibers coated on both sides with a layer of low-density polyethylene; as a result, a light, flexible, easy-to-apply, tensile and UV-resistant sheet is obtained.


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