Since its inception, Cidelsa has been serving the mining sector with the vast majority of its products, and is special with tanks in many stages of their projects, from those that involve the construction of a camp, to those that use them in processes of water treatment, storage of fire-fighting water, cleaning and as an input in drilling processes, including hopper transport of trucks which are highly demanded in arid zones.

Temporary drilling operations that demand constant movement in a wide area of difficult access are crucial as a preliminary stage to mining constructions and their extensions, these operations usually work with drilling equipment, here the open self-supporting tank covers an important need, which is supporting in the storage of water for the process of diamond drilling.

Flexible tanks are important for the storage of fuel safely and with minimal cost and impact on the environment, therefore they are widely used in base camps and oil or gas platforms to allow the logistic management of operations. They are also required for the storage of drinking water for human consumption in their camps and gray water in their treatment plants. When the location is remote and there is no means of land or river transport, it is possible to use heli-transportable tanks to start operations and make the projects viable.

Our DELTATANK are used in multiple jobs in the construction industry either temporary or long-term projects where a solution is needed for the storage of non-potable water used as input processes or to collect effluents. The advantage of our designs, their minimum volume, ease of use and technical support allow minimizing costs in the operations, especially in remote locations.

The constructions of water treatment facilities are very expensive and demand a considerable time, in this sector the stationary flexible tanks have become a very appropriate option for the cost/benefit they offer, being deployed as emergency elements if there is any need to maintain the pools or increasing the capacity of the plant. They are also used to provide drinking water to populations that do not have a temporary service, being part of the storage equipment in several innovative initiatives of various organizations.

Our liquid storage and transport system is a perfect solution to respond to the need for water in emergency zones (affected by floods, landslides, earthquakes, etc.) where the speed of its transport and ease of installation make it essential to be able to react on time and provide drinking water to populations that need it. The customized designs allow using this type of solutions with the transportation standards that humanitarian organizations or government agencies require. They are also used as back-up elements in hospitals or fixed or temporary assistance centers.

DELTATANK are perfectly adapted to the requirements of the agricultural sector, being an ideal solution for the storage and transport of water for the irrigation of crops, allowing maintaining the water in better conditions and without losses despite the climatic conditions, generating a maximum benefit to your investment. Standard tank accesories are easily coupled to hose irrigation systems via quick couplings or pipes. The same system allows working with fertilizers and bioles, as well as effluents that can be generated in the field. Currently, systems of this type are used for the collection of rainwater and as a reservoir for firewater.

Our DELTATANK open and foldable self-supporting tanks are required for aquaculture use with special membranes that allow work with different species. Its easy deployment and use provides an advantage to fish farmers, who can also use them as drinking water storage if necessary.

The logistical operations of support in the storage of water and fuel are critical in the military sector. Our tank systems allow us to provide command stations, with tanks that have a minimum volume of cargo when transporting them and with an immediate start-up for the storage of drinking water for people, gray water from the camps and fuel for use of equipment and means of transport (helicopters, trucks, etc.). We use certified materials for extreme weather conditions.


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