Practical and economical flexible tanks to store

A practical and economical solution to store liquids such as potable water, wastewater and other liquids for industrial use safely and for long periods.

They can be easily folded to be stored and transported empty; full can be used as a static or mobile container.



For storage of potable and industrial water.

These tanks have reinforced strips and internal breakwaters that allow transporting water over the hopper of a vehicle without having to modify the bodywork.

  • They can be manufactured according to the size of your vehicle.
  • It is recommended to use a protective carpet such as geomembrane or geotextile.



Used in hoppers of trucks of diverse types.


Used for irrigation of tracks avoiding

the pollution generated by the passage of vehicles.

  • Easy installation, storage and maintenance.
  • Lower cost in logistics transport.
  • High strength material.
  • Manufacturing capacity in different dimensions.
  • They can be moved.
  • Does not require a construction permit.
  • Does not require skilled labor for its installation.

We have a plant specially conditioned for the transformation of industrial fabrics. DELTATANK is manufactured using the high frequency electric welding system, which ensures a strong and leak-proof seal.

It comes equipped with a discharge point, in addition to optional accessories such as valves, hoses, etc.

Our DELTATANKs are made from sheets with polyester fabric covered with PVC or PU on both sides, being tested with MIL standards for fuel applications, or food grade for use with drinking water.

Their puncture resistance, tensile strength, as well as to the UV radiation allow that the tank can be used in exposed conditions (heat, cold, rain, hail, etc.)

Our suppliers of membrane and finishing materials are carefully selected, all comply with ISO standards and must pass a selection process of our quality assurance area.

We select worldwide the best materials to be able to provide you with high quality products.


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