DELTATANK have as one of their main applications the storage of water for human consumption (potable), for this purpose we have a certified membrane with food grade designed for this kind of use, which can be worked on all types of water tanks that we offer. The stationary tanks are the most required because they are completely closed, which facilitates their better handling, preventing it from being contaminated.

Drinking water for human consumption in camps, hospitals, population centers.

Within this category, it is possible to store water used for irrigation under the idea of portable reservoirs, also which is collected from the rain, for use against fires, equipment-washing water, pool maintenance, in drilling operations, mining processes, construction, among others.

Fuels are liquids that demand extreme care and safety, our offer of Deltatank for fuel storage uses a special membrane of greater resistance, made of PU under the American MIL standards and prepared to resist fuels such as diesel, petroleum, and aviation fuels (JP1). Secondary containment is a complementary and optional system which can be offered using special geomembranes that are resistant to hydrocarbons.

Within this category we have effluents from industrial processes that have neutral pH or very close to neutral, stabilized as in water processing plants, or camps (gray water), liquids from mixtures with Fertilizers and / or organic elements can also be stored in tanks, thus avoiding a direct discharge to the environment and allowing an adequate treatment.


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